Continually monitor your web attack surface.

Get complete visibility into the website threats landscape.

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Brand reputation can be regarded as the biggest casualty in a cyber attack. Websites are the main ways that most organizations interact with their clients, so taking websites into the perspective is integral to reducing the attack surface and achieving digital resilience. SOCRadar empowers you to keep your brand reputation intact by early spotting and warning of web security issues from web defacement to cryptographic weaknesses that can result in data breaches.

Website Monitoring


Discover all of your active and inactive websites with login pages automatically.

Realtime Hack alert

Early spot hacking issues like web defacement by continuous monitoring all of your websites.

Monitor for vulnerabilities

Auto-discover underlying technologies and CMSs to check for vulnerabilities.

Detect cryptographic issues

Monitor all of your websites for valid and vulnerability-free SSL/TLS certificates.

Detect firewall/IPS misconfigurations

Get alerted if your existing perimeter security, IPS appliances are not active or not configured properly.

Monitor deeper web structure

Identify anomalies and changes by monitoring DOM structures, header, cookies, JavaScript and CSS links continually.

Downtime notifications

Be notified instantly when your websites return an error code.

More SOCRadar modules

SOCRadar combines external attack surface management, digital risk protection, and threat intelligence capabilities to improve your security posture.