Eliminate insider threats.

Monitor for compromised employee credentials.

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Insider threats are incredibly difficult to detect. Threat actors often leverage compromised credentials of employees as a first entry point to steal data, damage systems or disrupt business operations. According to IBM, the global average cost of an insider threat is $8.76 million. Using advanced data collection and processing algorithms, SOCRadar can identify the stolen credentials containing your enterprise domains and alert your security team as a highly-critical incident.

Account & Data Leaks

Identify credentials stolen by malware

Monitor hundreds of dark web blackmarkets to detect authentic credentials.

Detect privileged accounts & VIPs

Rapidly get alerted on C-level accounts to investigate and respond.

Protect your employees’ PII

Block hackers accessing confidential or personal information.

Prevent BEC attacks

Combat business email compromise attacks causing financial loss.

Gain situational awareness

Notify and train your employees about the risks of password reuse and personal use of corporate email addresses.

More SOCRadar modules

SOCRadar combines external attack surface management, digital risk protection, and threat intelligence capabilities to improve your security posture.