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Staying up to date about the latest news and advancements is vitally important for threat intelligence teams. To prevent you being bombarded with irrelevant, time-wasting headlines and losing focus, SOCRadar CyberSec News module features the latest cyber security news processed and sorted based on the products and technologies auto-discovered in your external-facing digital assets. Auto-aggregated from credible RSS, Twitter and Telegram channels to bring you the most relevant news.

CyberSec News

Global reach

Aggregated from thousands of reliable sources across the globe.


Easy to customize based on pre-defined threat tags and keywords.

Real time

Rapid data collection, structuring and analysis for on time presence.

API integration

Precise integration with 3rd party SIEM / data analytics solutions.

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SOCRadar combines external attack surface management, digital risk protection, and threat intelligence capabilities to improve your security posture.