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ThreatShare scraps the deep web and darknet to create a searchable platform for the users. The hacker chatters on forums, social media, communication channels such as Telegram, ICQ, IRC, etc., ransomware groups’ websites are continuously monitored and important information is shared in ThreatShare, including the screenshots and texts. With its smart tagging feature, users can filter the results based on the country, industry, attack type, and content.

Threat Intelligence Sharing

DarkMirror (Deep and dark web news)

Threat actors sell or share the stolen data, cyber weapons, and more on black markets, deep web hacker forums, and deep social channels that are not visible to regular users. SOCRadar automatically scraps these places and a large team of analysts examines the data and converts information into intelligence. The ThreatShare module provides no-huss no-fuss searchable data for its users and keeps them up-to-date about trending threats.

Tailor-made threat intelligence

One feed. One screen. Filtering with smart tags. There are many threat intelligence sources to follow and threat intelligence flooding the inbox of cybersecurity professionals. This data deluge is overwhelming. The ThreatShare module enables users to subscribe to certain types of threat intelligence and cybersecurity news to bring them the most relevant information.

Localized threat intelligence

Customized and contextualized threat intelligence. ThreatShare module helps users to see regional, industrial, and vertical-based threat intelligence so that companies can strategize the intelligence to improve their SOC strategies.

More SOCRadar modules

SOCRadar combines external attack surface management, digital risk protection, and threat intelligence capabilities to improve your security posture.