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Oct 04, 2022
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Top 20 Cybersecurity Podcasts You Must Follow in 2022

Every day brings new trends and threats with it. To keep yourself, your devices, and your business safe, it is advisable to be aware of changes in the cyber landscape. Podcasts are a simple and effective way to stay current on the state of the cyber world and its threats. Numerous podcasts are available online, covering a wide range of cybersecurity-related topics. 

In this blog, we list 20 of the best podcasts and the platform where you can find them. 

1. Security Now 

Cybersecurity Podcasts

The creator of SpinRite and ShieldsUP, Steve Gibson, who also invented the first anti-spyware program and coined the term “spyware,” talks with Leo Laporte about the current hot subjects in security. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, such as software and firmware updates, hacks, encryption and decryption, malware and ransomware, and hacking. 

2. Smashing Security 

Cybersecurity Podcasts

Smashing Security has received over eight million downloads and won the “Best Security Podcast” award in 2018 and 2019 and the “Most Entertaining” award in 2022.

Each week, the podcast’s hosts, Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault invite guests to explore the most recent developments in technology and cybersecurity. Although some of the issues are important, each podcast episode has a positive and humorous vibe, making it a pleasure to listen to each time. 

3. Malicious Life 

Cybersecurity Podcasts

The untold stories of the history of cybersecurity are revealed in Cybereason’s Malicious Life. Ran Levi, the podcast host, examines the development of cybercrime from the 1970s to the present and talks about the most important moments in cybersecurity history. 

4. Darknet Diaries 

Cybersecurity Podcasts

This podcast discusses everything that happens in the shadowy corners of the internet, including hackers, breaches, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all other related topics. Fans of true crime podcasts will like the topics that host Jack Rhysider examines and his distinctive storytelling approach. 

5. Cybercrime Magazine 

You can find cybersecurity statistics, forecasts, and information on the Cybercrime Magazine Podcast. Listen to interviews with leading industry professionals, Fortune 500 CISOs, and cybersecurity CEOs, as well as summaries of the most recent news regarding hacks and breaches, coverage of subjects including “women in cyber,” information on programs at high schools and colleges, and more. 

6. The CyberWire Daily 

Industry executives rely on the daily cybersecurity news and analysis. The show, released every weekday, also features interviews with various specialists from the business world, academia, and international research institutions. 

7. Security in Five 

Information IT and general security news, advice, and opinions are provided in about five minutes by Security In 5. Information is brief, to the point, and easy-to-listen. This podcast will benefit everyone, regardless of whether you work in security or just want to protect your personal information. 

8. The Cybrary Podcast 

The award-winning 401 Access Denied podcast, one of Cybrary‘s three, was chosen by the 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards as the best cybersecurity podcast for North America. They talk about a variety of things, including ransomware attacks and DevSecOps. Entrepreneurs at many phases of the startup companies share their stories and experiences, including advice on securing capital, finding the best employees, increasing sales, and choosing where to locate your company. 

9. CyberWork 

On the Cyber Work Podcast, presenter Chris Sienko has weekly conversations with thought leaders from Carbon Black, IBM, CompTIA, and other organizations about cybersecurity skills, jobs, and industry trends. 

10. Cyber Security Sauna 

Expert guests with their insights about the newest information security trends and subjects are brought to you by Cyber Security Sauna. The podcast is hosted by Janne Kauhanen of F-Secure to ensure you are fully informed. 

11. The Cyberlaw Podcast 

Weekly interviews and discussions on the most recent developments in technology, security, privacy, and government are featured on the Cyberlaw Podcast. Stewart Baker, a partner at Steptoe & Johnson LLP, serves as the podcast’s host and is joined by a diverse range of guests, including academics, officials, writers, and journalists. 

12. Unsupervised Learning 

Daniel Miessler, one of the top infosec specialists in the world, serves as the Unsupervised Learning‘s host. He frequently speaks at industry conferences and steers debates on numerous subjects related to the field. This podcast examines the relationship between security, technology, and society and what might come next. Each Monday morning, you receive a carefully chosen 15–30 minute recap of the most significant news from the previous week and why they matter. Additionally, some regular writings and interviews focus on just one subject. 

13. Naked Security Podcast 

They provide plenty of technical guidance you can use at work or at home in plain English, in a manner that is both entertaining and serious. A new episode, miniseries, and splinter podcasts are released every Thursday.

14. Cyber Security Headlines 

Cybersecurity Podcasts

A six-minute news podcast called Cyber Security Headlines is available every weekday. Information security news on a daily basis. A security professional is invited to remark on the top news on the companion Week in Review show (20 minutes), which allows viewers to contribute live.

15. Cybersecurity Today 

Cybersecurity Podcasts

Updates on the most recent data breaches, cybersecurity threats to organizations, and security measures you can take to protect your company. 

16. Cyber Security Inside 

Cybersecurity Podcasts

The discussion of cyber security is no longer limited to programmers. Different ways of thinking about “Cyber Security” are required of CISOs and their executive colleagues. Tom Garrison, the host of this podcast, is the vice president and general manager of Client Security Strategy and Initiatives. He will cover pertinent subjects in simple, understandable English. Many senior business workers have trouble sleeping because of three primary issues: technology, cybersecurity, and sustainability. When the most recent technology isn’t always eco-friendly, how can you secure your data while keeping a small carbon footprint? 

17. Cyber 

Cybersecurity Podcasts

A weekly podcast called CYBER is released by Motherboard. The podcast discusses a wide range of technological subjects, including recent events like the development of The Metaverse and its effects. In addition, CYBER also gives listeners valuable tips on how to be safe online and avoid being scammed on the cryptocurrency market. The show also explores the future implications of artificial intelligence (AI) development. 

18. Down the Security Rabbithole 

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Down the Security Rabbithole aims to address concerns, including SMB vulnerability and laws on cybersecurity. Unlike others, this podcast frequently involves a guest speaker. Many of the speakers include notable members of the business community and government leaders. 

19. The Social-Engineer 

Cybersecurity Podcasts

The topic of the Social-Engineer podcast is how social engineering is used by people and companies to their benefit. This podcast deals with human psychology, which is different from other cybersecurity podcasts. It gives an opinion on what makes people susceptible to social engineers. 

20. The Shared Security 

Cybersecurity Podcasts

The weekly show Shared Security, hosted by cybersecurity and privacy experts Tom Eston, Scott Wright, and Kevin Johnson, examines our confidence level in people and technology. It covers many subjects, including IoT, mobile technology, and PoS threats.