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The SOCRadar advantage:

Power of automation

Skyrocket security team efficiency by reducing mundane tasks.

360° visibility

Gain in-depth visibility into your external-facing digital assets.

Precise API integration

Smooth integration with existing security stack and SIEM solutions.

Immediate start

Hitting the ground in hours, discovering, monitoring and alerting without requiring any input.

Optimized costs

Choose from the discovered assets only you want to monitor to reconcile license costs with real needs.

CTIA support

Ready to work with clients to identify and remediate threats, helping them build in-house skills and expertise.

Explore SOCRadar's suites.

Get actionable insights into future cyber security threats.

ThreatFusion provides a big-data powered threat investigation module to help Threat Intelligence Teams searching for deeper context, real-time threat research and analysis.

The suite is fed by massive data sources across surface, deep and dark web from Paste Sites to Underground Dark Web forums. The module also includes API-ready intelligence feeds pulled from a broad variety of sources to provide IOCs of potential threats and threat actors targeting your industry.

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Protect your business against sensitive data exposure

SOCRadar's RiskPrime builds on industry-leading instant phishing domain identification, internet-wide scanning and compromised credential detection technologies by aggregating and correlating massive data points into actionable intelligence alerts. This enables Security Operations and Risk Management teams to swiftly and effectively understand how particular risks have evolved through digital transformation and what to do for mitigation.

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Secure your rapidly-growing global attack surface

AttackMapper helps customers gain additional visibility and context regarding the severity of unknown external-facing digital assets in an automated manner.

Through SOCRadar’s advanced internet-wide monitoring algorithms, AttackMapper provides security teams with direct visibility into all internet-facing technological assets in use as well as assets attributed to IP, DNS, Domain and cryptographic infrastructure.

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