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Jan 05, 2023
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200M+ Twitter Users’ Email Addresses and 250M+ Deezer Users’ Information Leaked Online

On a well-known hacker forum, a data leak containing the email addresses of 235 million Twitter users was made public. 

Data from 5.4 million Twitter users collected from numerous threat actors and combined with information from other breaches were made available in November. 

Another Twitter data leak made headlines in December when a threat actor attempted to sell data on 400 million Twitter users

As of now, a threat actor made available on Breach Forums for eight credits (worth approximately $2) a data archive containing the information of 235,000,000 users.

The threat actor's post about the Twitter leak on a dark web forum (Source: SOCRadar)
The threat actor’s post about the Twitter leak on a dark web forum (Source: SOCRadar)

According to reports, this data set is identical to the 400 million sets in circulation in November. Still, it has been cleaned up to remove duplicates, bringing the total down to 221,608,279 lines. However, some analyses also supported the existence of duplicates in this most recent data leak. 

According to BleepingComputer, this data leak does not reveal whether an account is verified, unlike previous leaks of data gathered using this Twitter API flaw. 

Although not all of the information has been verified, the email addresses of many of the listed Twitter profiles have. 

Threat actors compiled enormous lists of email addresses and phone numbers that had previously been compromised in data breaches in 2021. 

The scrapers then feed these lists into the API bug to determine whether your phone number or email address is associated with a Twitter ID.

If your email address is only used on Twitter and has not been involved in other data breaches, it will not be fed into the API bug and added to this data set. 

250M+ Deezer Users’ Information Sold and Leaked After Data Breach

Deezer, a known music streaming service, has confirmed a data breach affecting more than 250 million customers. The information from the data breach was sold and eventually leaked publicly on a dark web forum.

On its platform, Deezer issued an advisory to clarify the situation, stating that threat actors obtained the information from a third party that experienced a data breach incident in 2019. The company also stated that they have worked with a different third party since 2020. 

The stolen data are full names, genders, birthdates, email and IP addresses, locations, user IDs, and join dates. According to Deezer, attackers took no passwords or payment information

SOCRadar discovered the initial sale posting on a hacker forum from early November, in which the hacker claimed to have a 60GB file containing over 250 million records, 228 million unique email addresses, and logged sessions.

A dark web post about Deezer breach (Source: SOCRadar)
A dark web post about the Deezer breach (Source: SOCRadar)

They released a sample of 1 million stolen records in the post before updating it to a sample of 5 million lines. 

Pompompurin, the administrator of the Breached forum, published a public leak post about the database on December 23. They also stated that the database is actually 262.79GB in size when uncompressed.

The threat actor’s post (Source: SOCRadar)

The majority of the data comes from users in France and Brazil. However, there are also user records from the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Mexico, Columbia, Italy, Turkey, and Guatemala.

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