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May 30, 2023
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Exposed Forum Reveals RaidForums Database: 478K Members’ Details Leaked

A database for the infamous RaidForums has been made public. An administrator posted the database on a new hacking forum called “Exposed,” presenting threat actors and security researchers with valuable insights into the former Forum’s users.

From RaidForums to BreachForums, and Finally to the Exposed Forum

RaidForums used to serve as a widely popular platform dedicated to hacking activities and data dissemination. Within this Forum, threat actors would infiltrate various organizations, subsequently leaking and selling the data they acquire.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) seized the RaidForums website and infrastructure in April 2022 and arrested the site’s administrator, Omnipotent. After RaidForums’ end, the hacker community gathered in a new forum called Breached (BreachForums) to continue their illicit activities. However, the FBI also arrested the founder of BreachForums, pompompurin, in March 2023. The co-administrator of the Forum feared that law enforcement might have access to BreachForums’ servers and had to shut down the Forum entirely. 

Check out our blog post “Dark Web Threat Profile: pompompurin” for more information on the threat actor called pompompurin, including their activities on former BreachForums.

To fill the gap in the market left by BreachForums, a new hacking forum called Exposed was recently launched and has rapidly gained popularity.

Exposed Forum Admin “Impotent” Leaks RaidForums Member Database

On May 29, 2023, Exposed Forum’s administrator, “Impotent,” revealed the RaidForums member database. The data is now available to other threat actors, researchers, and law enforcement.

The Exposed Forum admin leaks the RaidForums database.
The Exposed Forum admin leaks the RaidForums database.

In addition, they have included this information on their website as an announcement.

exposed forum announcement

Leaked data has surfaced, consisting of a single SQL file containing registration information for RaidForums’ members. The data pertains to the ‘mybb_users’ table used by the forum software to store details such as usernames, email addresses, hashed passwords, registration dates, and other relevant forum-related information.

Within the leaked table, there is information for 478,870 RaidForums members who registered between March 20, 2015, and September 24, 2020, suggesting that the database was dumped during that period.

It has been reported that some RaidForums members have been removed from the database, but the exact timing and reasons behind the original data dump remain unknown.

The legitimacy of the leaked table has been supported by the fact that numerous accounts in the database contain already-known registration information. Members of the Exposed Forum have also confirmed the presence of their information in the MySQL table.

Database confirmation from Exposed Forum users.
Database confirmation from Exposed Forum users.

While it is likely that law enforcement already possesses the database due to the seizure of the Forum, this data can still be valuable to security researchers. They often utilize such information to construct profiles of threat actors and potentially uncover connections to other malicious activities.

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