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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Your Shield Against Cyber Adversaries is even stronger now!

SOCRadar offers a horizon beyond traditional CTI products with its redesigned and enriched Cyber Threat Intelligence. Do not tire of juggling different aspects of threat intelligence. As one of the most robust data providers in the cyber security landscape, SOCRadar delivers actionable, contextual insights within five user-friendly modules based on core CTI principles.

Values of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Let Us Be Your Eyes on the Threat Landscape

Cyberattacks often start with planning in hidden corners of the web. Even tiny pieces of information can save your organization from a devastating cyberattack. SOCRadar acts as your eyes and ears, monitoring hacker forums, Telegram channels, instant messaging platforms, dark web markets, social media platforms, and many other communications tools on the dark/deep and surface web attackers use to organize an attack.

SOCRadar provides a procedure for searching for cyber threats that are hidden out lurking in the data and empowers you with an advanced threat-hunting approach.

Vulnerability Intelligence: Prioritize the Digital Weaknesses

This is a contest against time! Research shows that threat actors scan for vulnerable endpoints within 15 minutes of a new CVE being publicly disclosed. Patching all the vulnerabilities discovered during scans is almost mission-impossible. Therefore, security analysts need prioritization.

“Which vulnerability is more critical for my organization?” is an essential question, and that is the exact point at which SOCRadar vulnerability intelligence comes into play. Assigning risk rankings to each vulnerability throughout the entire digital footprint of an organization, SOCRadar provides security experts with a comprehensive view of the organization’s real threats, not a bunch of irrelative CVE lists.

Don't be a statistic!

Modern cyberattacks frequently exploit stolen credentials.
We provide comprehensive insights into info-stealer incidents, real-world breach datasets, and previous breaches affecting domains similar to yours. Taking it a step further, SOCRadar empowers you with access information obtained from stealer logs.

Learn from past breaches, be aware of employee compromise access information, and proactively protect your business and data integrity.

Understand Your Enemy

What is the cyber attacker’s TTP?
What are the goals of the cyber attacker?
What mitigation strategies are provided for incoming attacks?

Modern cyberattacks are complex, but you can gain a decisive advantage with the right tools. With SOCRadar Cyber Threat Intelligence, equip yourself with the knowledge to proactively mitigate incoming attacks and implement robust detection and remediation strategies.

Operationalize Your Cyber Defense

Empower your security team with the intelligence to guide the periodic security action plan – with SOCRadar’s advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence;

  • Get real-time insights on potential attacks, including motivations, timing, and methods.
  • Gain in-depth profiles of known threat actors and ransomware groups.
  • Monitor dynamic changes and trends in the cyber threat landscape and adjust your security posture accordingly.

See Threats Before They Strike

Visibility Into Dark Web

Gain in-depth and actionable threat intelligence to profile current and future threats.

Accelerate Investigation

Get fast, relevant and accurate results from the darkest parts of the internet.

Respond Quicker

Combat and mitigate identified threats by understanding adversarial capabilities.

Shed Light On APT Actors

Get essential insights into the latest activities of state-sponsored APT groups.

API-Ready Feeds

Consuming threat intelligence feeds by leveraging millions of data points in the wild.

Trends Visualization

Access vulnerability trends as well as auto-aggregated, customizable news.

Free Threat
Intelligence for SOC

Contextualized Threat Intelligence is a game changer.

  • Monitor threat actors in an MITRE ATT&CK-compliant structure
  • Benefit customized search engine in threat hunting
  • Learn what hackers talk about your organization
Why do SOC Teams need Threat Intelligence?

Preemptive detection provides SOC teams a competitive advantage in their fight against cyber attackers.
With contextualized threat intelligence, SOC analysts have clear guidelines for effective threat hunting.


SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc. | Cyber Threat Intelligence SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc. | Cyber Threat Intelligence
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