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Apr 04, 2024
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Shedding Light on the Ancient Continent: Insights from Southern Africa

Today’s online world is full of risks. Our report on cyber threats in Southern Africa is key for anyone wanting to protect their business. It shares important information on the cyber threats that companies face online, especially from hidden corners of the internet like the dark web.

Why You Need to Read This Report:

  • Important Findings: Learn about the 24 different threat actors found targeting the region in 2023, and see which industries they are attacking.
  • Ransomware Attacks: The report talks about 93 ransomware attacks that happened in 2023, showing which industries are most affected and the main groups behind these attacks.
  • Phishing Attacks: Discover the 669 phishing attacks aimed at the region, who they targeted, and the tricks used by attackers.
  • Data Breaches: Find out how user names, passwords, and more were stolen from many people, showing which websites were affected.

How This Report Helps You:

This isn’t just a list of problems. It offers valuable insights to help businesses plan better and protect themselves against online threats. By understanding the risks, companies can make smarter choices, focusing on what’s really important for their safety.

Be Prepared:

In today’s world, being ready for cyber attacks is a must. This report is a tool that can help businesses understand and fight the cyber threats they face online. It’s about knowing what’s out there and taking preemptive steps to stay safe.

Get Your Copy Today:

Southern Africa report

Understanding the cyber threats is the first step to protecting your business. Our Southern Africa Cyber Threat Report is here to help you do just that. Start your journey to a safer online presence now.