SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc. | SOCRadar is the Gold Winner of Three Cybersecurity Excellence Awards


Mar 07, 2023
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SOCRadar is the Gold Winner of Three Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

We are thrilled to announce that SOCRadar, a leading provider of cyber threat intelligence solutions, has been awarded in three categories in Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

SOCRadar Extended Threat Intelligence (XTI) has been named the Gold Winner in “Cyber Threat Intelligence,” “Threat Intelligence Platform,” and “Best Cybersecurity Startup.” These awards recognize the outstanding work of SOCRadar in delivering innovative and effective cybersecurity solutions to its clients.

Cybersecurity Excellence Awards is the industry’s one of the most prestigious organization, honoring individuals, companies, and products that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and leadership in cybersecurity. The awards program is designed to identify and recognize the best cybersecurity products and services, as well as the companies and individuals that are leading the charge in the industry.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for our work in providing cyber threat intelligence solutions,” said Huzeyfe Onal, CEO and co-founder of SOCRadar. “This recognition is a testament to our team’s dedication and hard work and the value we bring to our customers in identifying and mitigating cyber threats.”

SOCRadar invented the “Extended Threat Intelligence (XTI)” concept with its innovative approach. XTI platform provides advanced threat intelligence capabilities, including real-time monitoring, automated threat detection, and risk assessment. It also delivers actionable intelligence to help organizations identify and respond to cyber threats quickly and effectively.

SOCRadar is committed to continuing its innovative efforts to provide its clients with the best threat intelligence solutions.