Subscription Plans

We offer innovative consolidated architecture + flexible plans to help you get maximum operational efficiency and unmatched ROI.

SOCRadar offers three different subscription plans (Standard, Professional, or Enterprise) that will fit your digital risk and threat monitoring requirements. The available features (or the nature of features) vary in each plan for different product types. Below, compare subscription plans for any product.

Feature Standard Professional Enterprise
Platform access 1 user 3 users Unlimited
On-time email alerting
2FA login support
IP restriction for portal access
(White listing)
Incident response playbook
Platform support 8/5 via platform, no SLA 8/5 via platform and email 7/24 via platform, email, and phone
SOCRadar user training Video material On-demand On-demand
Role-based alert receiving support
Incident API integration
Regional multilingual threat research
(Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc.)
False positive elimination support
Dedicated analyst support
Monthly customer success support
Certified threat intelligence analyst training
SOCRadar integration
(Firewall, EDR, SOAR, SIEM) support
Scheduled automated reporting
Feature Standard Professional Enterprise
Threat investigation 10 queries/month 100 queries/month 1500 queries/month
Historical threat intelligence data
Threat analysis 1 upload/month 2 uploads/month 10 uploads/month
Vulnerability tracking
CyberSec news and subscription
Local Threatshare
Deep web and darknet news
Knowledge Reports page access
Threat feeds / IOCs portal access
Threat actor monitoring & reporting
SIEM/Firewall/IPS/EDR/SOAR integration Basic integration
(CSV support)
STIX & TAXII support
Full API integration support
Threat actors / APT groups feed
Feature Standard Professional Enterprise
Breached employee credentials and PII detection Credentials only Credentials only Credentials
PII detection
Breached customer credentials detection
Breached VIP credentials detection
Phishing domain detection Domain detection Domain detection Real-time domain and subdomain detection
(3 credits)
Phishing domain tracking
Code repository monitoring Only company repository Leakeage monitoring Leakeage monitoring
Social media monitoring Twitter only
(Up to 5 keywords)
Bad reputation detection
Darknet / Deep web monitoring Paste sites only Darknet / Deep web monitoring Darknet / Deep web monitoring
500 Credits
Breached credit card detection
Google dorks monitoring
S3 bucket leak detection
Trello leak detection
Impersonating social media account detection Instagram/YouTube/Twitter Instagram/YouTube/Twitter
Rogue/fake mobile application detection
(3 credits)
Bug bounty sites monitoring
VirusTotal monitoring
Hybrid analysis monitoring
Hacker channels monitoring Discord/Telegram/IRC/ICQ
Feature Standard Professional Enterprise
Digital asset* discovery and monitoring Monthly Weekly Daily
Critical open port discovery
Expired/Vulnerable SSL certificate discovery
SSL grading/rating
DNS zone transfer detection
Mail server monitoring
(DMARC, SPF, reputation)
Mail server open relay detection
Cloud Asset Discovery
Redirected Website Detection and Monitoring
External (Internet-facing) service vulnerability detection
Cloud service vulnerability detection
Network perimeter device vulnerability detection
3rd party library vulnerability detection
CMS vulnerability detection
VIP / C-level personal and corporate email discovery
Active scan support
Vulnerability validation
(Analyst support)

* Digital assets include domains, subdomains, related domains, SSL certificates, websites, IP addresses, ports, DNS records, technologies, mobile apps, social accounts, perimeter devices, appliances, cloud services, websites, and login pages.

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