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Nov 27, 2023
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Hacker Forums Are on the Rise: Dumped, Raiding, BlackForums

Recently, cyberspace has witnessed a surge of activity, particularly within the hacktivist space, traditionally active on Telegram and Twitter. As this landscape becomes increasingly volatile, some hacktivist groups are shifting their focus to traditional web services. The introduction of new platforms by groups like WeedSec and KillSec;,, and the updated version of BlackForums exemplifies this trend. These hacker forums are not just altering the dynamics of cyber threats but also potentially introducing new challenges for cybersecurity.

WeedSec, a notable threat group in the hacktivist arena, recently unveiled a new forum, Announced via their Telegram channel, the platform is touted for its dedication to privacy and security. Functioning as a marketplace for diverse digital commodities, takes a stance against illegal pornography, while paradoxically supporting a range of controversial services, including Ransomware-as-a-Service and data breaches.’s main page’s main page

In the comments under the Telegram post, they stated that they would resurface the forum called WeedForum soon., another new entrant with origins traced to the KillSec hacktivist channel. At first glance, it bears a striking resemblance to the infamous BreachForums. The scant details available leave the cybersecurity community pondering its potential impact and the nature of activities it could facilitate for now.’s main page’s main page

The website, which has shared a few alleged leaks so far, is currently celebrating its 100th member.

BlackForums: A Continuation of a Legacy

In the midst of these developments, BlackForums, a product of BlackedSec and the Five Families hacker collective, has released their V2 platform. The launch signifies not only an upgrade in services but also a continuation of their influential role in the hacktivist sphere. The specifics of this update and its implications for users are still under scrutiny. Notably, their appeals for donations on Telegram channels may suggest some operational challenges.

BlackForums’ main page
BlackForums’ main page

Many leaks and incidents of the groups included in the Five Families collective are shared in this forum, and it is relatively more established than the other two forums. A notable feature of BlackForums is its association with ransomware data and the dissemination of malware. GhostLocker, a ransomware for sale by GhostSec, a member of the same collective, was also widely advertised on the forum.

This platform is frequently used by cybercriminals to exchange stolen data, market malware, and collaborate on different cyber-attack strategies. Notably, BlackForums is openly accessible on the clear web, broadening its reach to a wider audience. The forum’s clear web presence underscores the boldness and confidence of its operators in its continued existence. 

Understanding the Forum Phenomenon

Hacker forums represent the most prevalent and extensive venues where hackers converge to exchange information. Within these forums, hackers frequently use message boards to share and discuss a range of hacking resources, including tools, techniques, and malevolent source codes. These discussions take place in threaded conversations, fostering a community of knowledge sharing and collaboration in the hacking world.

The inception and operation of these hacker forums are driven by various factors. They serve as hubs for information exchange, illicit service trade, and occasionally as centers for collective hacktivist actions. Motivations behind these platforms range from financial gain to ideological beliefs, adding layers of complexity to their existence in the digital realm.

These emerging hacker forums pose substantial challenges for cybersecurity. They not only facilitate the spread of cyber threats but also complicate the efforts to track and counter digital crimes. Law enforcement and cybersecurity professionals are compelled to evolve their strategies in response to these shifting threats.

As the digital landscape prepares for the impact of these new forums, it is imperative for cybersecurity stakeholders to broaden their understanding and enhance their response capabilities. The advent of platforms like,, and BlackForums V2 serves as a reminder of the dynamic and often enigmatic world of cyber threats that we navigate.

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