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Mar 20, 2024
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Top 5 Russian-Speaking Dark Web Forums

The dark web, a hidden corner of the internet, is a habitat for cybercrime. Among its labyrinthine networks, certain platforms stand out for their influence and reach. These are the dark web forums, where threat actors, and cybercriminals congregate, share knowledge, and conduct cyber crimes. Among these, russian-speaking dark web forums hold a unique position due to their extensive user base and the intricate of their operations.

These forums are not just platforms for illegal activities; they also serve as critical sources of intelligence for cybersecurity professionals and law enforcement agencies. By monitoring these platforms, they can gain insights into emerging threats, track malicious actors, and potentially prevent cyber attacks.

An AI illustration made by Bing

An AI illustration made by Bing

Join us as we explore these forums, shedding light on their operations, their impact on the cyber threat landscape, and why they are significant in the world of cybersecurity.

Since its 2013 launch, has emerged as a major player in the cybercriminal landscape. This closed, russian-speaking dark web forum, operating in both the surface and dark web, provides an anonymous and secure environment for threat actors and initial access brokers. With its high-value content and strict measures against scammers and spammers, has become a trusted platform for cybercriminal activities. dark web main page dark web main page prides itself on offering several security features, including disabling IP address logs and encrypting private messages, aimed at protecting its users’ anonymity. Members of the forum gain access to a plethora of information on credential access, exploits, and valuable zero-day vulnerabilities.

The forum also features exclusive private sections that require payment for access, further enhancing its aura of exclusivity. A significant development came in 2021 when took a stand against ransomware by banning discussions on the subject, despite its previous reputation as a recruitment ground for Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) gangs.

XSS has developed a reputation as a meeting point for some of the most notorious threat actors, including LockBitALPHV/BlackCatREvil, and the DarkSide group. It’s here that these groups engage in recruitment activities and exchange information on various cyber threats.

Named after the web application vulnerability, cross-site scripting, is deeply rooted in the russian-speaking dark web cybercriminal community. It hosts discussions on everything from Russian cyber world events to Russia’s political positions. Recognized as one of the most professional and prominent hacking forums, stays ahead of the curve by hosting discussions on APT groups and the latest tools, techniques, and vulnerabilities.

Established in 2005, has been a crucial part of the cybercriminal landscape. This russian-speaking dark web forum has gained high regard among dark web forums, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with high-profile platforms like The forum’s structured organization and stringent membership policies contribute to its professional atmosphere and exclusivity. is a hub of cybercriminal activities. It offers a wide array of services, including initial access broker auctions, hacking forums, and a marketplace for illicit cybercrime tools and stolen data. This marketplace is known for trading in stolen credit card details, malware, and zero-day exploits. dark web main page dark web main page

Furthermore, the forum is a knowledge exchange platform for hacking cyber activities, where users can share their experiences and learn from each other. The forum predominantly operates in Russian and can be accessed via standard internet browsers and the Tor browser for dark web access.

The management of is in the hands of a known team of admins, including GarantJohnRipperOxygen, and others. The forum prides itself on its professionalism, setting it apart from other dark web communities. Non-Russian speakers and those perceived as unskilled or inexperienced often find themselves shunned, reinforcing the forum’s reputation for exclusivity. serves as a networking platform for career cybercriminals looking to collaborate on illegal ventures, including hacking, scamming, and Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) schemes. The forum is also a marketplace for threat actors to auction initial access to organizations, complete with detailed pricing structures for bidding.

Despite its high-profile status, has not been immune to breaches. In 2021, an intruder gained Secure Socket Shell (SSH) access to a proxy server that protected the site from DDoS attacks. Gaining access to the forum requires either a $100 fee for automatic access or a solid reputation on other “friendly” forums.

Monitoring these dark web forums is an essential part of establishing a proactive defense against cybersecurity threats. This vigilance spans traditional dark web forums, deep web repositories, Telegram channels, underground marketplaces, and ransomware group platforms. SOCRadar Threat Hunting empowers organizations to navigate and monitor these complex environments safely, avoiding direct exposure.

SOCRadar Threat Hunting module

SOCRadar Threat Hunting module

The service identifies potential threats through real-time tracking, including data breaches, exposures of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial fraud, and ransomware campaigns. Leveraging advanced search algorithms and customizable news feeds, SOCRadar delivers targeted insights into specific threats.


Born in the shadows of the cybercriminal world, RAMP (Russian Anonymous Marketplace) has been a prominent figure in the Russian-speaking dark web forum landscape. Operating exclusively on the dark web, RAMP has built a reputation for catering to a primarily Russian and Chinese user base.

RAMP dark web main page

RAMP dark web main page

Unlike other forums, RAMP has a unique take on its membership system. Making the cut isn’t as straightforward as on other forums. Here, users must either have an active membership in other dark web forums with a good standing or shell out a fee to join. This exclusivity has created an environment of trust and high-level engagement among its user base.

Interestingly, RAMP, which was closed in 2017, made a comeback in July 2021. Experts link this resurgence and the subsequent increase in membership to the crackdown on ransomware groups post diplomatic meetings between Presidents Putin and Biden.

RAMP’s history is as intriguing as its operations. Originally known as Payload.bin, it was a marketplace for illegal goods, predominantly drugs, within Russia. It also built a reputation for selling FortiNet VPN and sharing hacking tools used in infiltration operations. The forum’s new avatar, RAMP 2.0, is a near clone of the old portal, attracting new users and creating a special “partners program” for ransomware groups to conduct their activities.

Operating from September 2012 to July 2017, RAMP earned the title of one of the longest-lived darknet markets, boasting a whopping 14,000 members. The site, administered by ‘DarkSide,’ claimed to make around $250,000 a year. Interestingly, RAMP managed to evade law enforcement attention by predominantly serving a Russian user base and banning the sale of certain hacking services.


Since its inception in 2015, the Russian-speaking dark web forum, RuTor, has carved out a significant niche in the cybercriminal world. Emulating the layout of the now-defunct RAMP marketplace, RuTor offers a familiar environment for its users, replete with various sections for Vendor Shop Fronts, Security, and News.

RuTor surface web main page

RuTor surface web main page

Its cryptomarket aspect, tightly controlled by the site administrator, has become a trusted resource for cybersecurity-related news, corporate data breaches, and technical tips and techniques.

After the Hydra Market‘s takedown, RuTor experienced a surge in activity, rapidly transforming from a forum into a bustling marketplace. The integration of the OMGOMG marketplace into RuTor’s platform demonstrates its adaptability in the ever-changing dark web landscape.

However, this prominence made it a target for competitors, culminating in a security breach by threat actors associated with Solaris. Despite these challenges and the uncertain future, RuTor remains a key player in the dark web ecosystem as it continues to facilitate a wide array of illegal activities, from hacking services to financial operations.


CrdClub, a leading Russian-speaking dark web forum, experienced a significant security breach on March 03 2021, resulting in a scam that defrauded its users. Despite this setback, the forum administrators demonstrated their commitment to maintaining user trust by offering to reimburse those defrauded.

CrdClub dark web main page

CrdClub dark web main page

CrdClub is a hub for many illicit activities, from carding and real shopping with dumps to ATMs hacking and trojans. Its content is organized into various sections such as Verified services, International Forum, Forum for Russians, and a Freebie Section.

An interesting feature of CrdClub is its bilingual platform, supporting both Russian and English languages. This broadens its appeal and accessibility to a global audience of cybercriminals. The forum, Established on July 8, 2016, the forum is accessible via an onion address, ensuring user anonymity. Surface web mirrors also exist, accessible through standard web browsers.

CrdClub users employ various communication methods, including Jabber, Telegram, and Emails, while vendors accept different payment methods, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and compromised credit cards. However, it’s worth noting that many vendors on dark web forums are scammers offering non-existent services to filch money from victims.

Conclusion: Navigating Dark Web Threats

Surfing the dark web and comprehending the dangers that lurk within it is a hard task. However, with SOCRadar’s Dark Web Monitoring and Dark Web News, organizations can equip themselves with the tools necessary to proactively protect their digital assets and stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

SOCRadar’s Dark Web Monitoring acts as a digital watchdog, scanning the underbelly of the internet to detect threats and exposures. It keeps an eye on discussions and activities related to your organization among threat actors, tracking the unauthorized distribution of sensitive data. With real-time alerts and a comprehensive overview of potential risks, organizations can act swiftly to mitigate threats, guarding their data and reputation.

SOCRadar Dark Web Monitoring

SOCRadar Dark Web Monitoring

In addition to monitoring, understanding the dynamics of the dark web is crucial. SOCRadar’s Dark Web News provides real-time updates on the latest happenings in the cybercriminal underground. It enhances situational awareness and prepares organizations for proactive defense against potential cyber-attacks.

SOCRadar Dark Web News

SOCRadar Dark Web News

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