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Oct 18, 2022
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Valuable Resources and Must-Attend Conferences for CISOs

A senior-level executive known as a “CISO” is in charge of planning and executing an extensive information security program to safeguard the company from both internal and external threats. A CISO is a senior-level executive who carries the whole responsibility for the company’s security. 

Due to a complicated threat environment, stringent compliance regulations, and financial restrictions, today’s CISOs are under much pressure to safeguard their company’s crucial data assets from cyber threats like ransomware, phishing, and DDoS assaults

They must have a thorough knowledge of the security sector. CISOs are equipped with the technical expertise and business sense needed to implement policies consistent with company objectives. They exhibit leadership qualities, strategic thinking, and good communication with the Board of Directors, top management, and staff members. 

In summary, CISOs often wear many hats and struggle to balance their daily tasks with staying current with cybersecurity advances. 

Useful Resources for CISOs

Security Intelligence

Security Intelligence is powered by IBM and is a great resource for CISOs
Security Intelligence is powered by IBM and is a great resource for CISOs

The “analysis and insight for information security professionals” provided by Security Intelligence covers a wide range of subjects that are especially pertinent to CISOs. You may discover articles on strategy, information security trends, teamwork, and other important subjects that can help CISOs guide their organizations through the fast-evolving information security environment. You can also get insightful information on how to pursue a career as a CISO. 

InfoSec Institute

The InfoSec Institute is a significant source of knowledge on security training, including several articles and tutorials on security-related issues. The InfoSec Institute, founded in 1998 by a group of information security educators, is trusted by more than 50,000 people for anything from industry standard certificates to highly specialized specialty topics. The blog of the InfoSec Institute reflects the diverse and extensive knowledge of its teachers and writers. You will discover podcast episodes, blog entries, industry event info, and more.  

Information Technology Portal (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Every cybersecurity experts like CISOs benefit from the NIST
Every cybersecurity experts like CISOs benefit from the NIST

NIST, one of the nation’s oldest physical scientific labs, was established in 1901 and is now a United States Department of Commerce division. NIST’s Information Technology Portal strives to accelerate the development of dependable, useable, interoperable, and secure systems by advancing cutting-edge IT applications such as cybersecurity and biometrics. You will discover tools and information ranging from computer forensics and computer security to software testing metrics, as well as news articles, videos, and details on current projects, among other things. 

Useful Whitepapers for CISOs 

NASCIO Resource Center

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers is the premier association supporting government security executives in comparable positions, such as state CIOs, CISOs, and others. The Association provides many informative guides, studies, and analyses that give CISOs and other security professionals valuable insights. 

EC Council CCISO Resources

The EC Council provides the well-known CCISO Certification and has certified a number of the world’s top security executives. The group also runs events, such as the CISO Awards and the Global CISO Forum, intending to bring together the world’s leading security executives to develop the sector. The website of the EC Council is also a significant resource for the most recent expertise, news, and other material provided through podcasts, webinars, and white papers. 

The University of Washington — Office of the CISO

University of Washington's resources are also available to CISOs
University of Washington’s resources are also available to CISOs

The Office of the CISO at the University of Washington publishes publications addressing significant topics affecting higher education security professionals, such as privacy, cloud computing, and data management. While certain subjects are exclusive to the University of Washington, many articles are applicable to the CISO’s larger job, especially for those in higher education. 

Ponemon Institute

The Ponemon Institute is well-known for its exhaustive security research and analysis. The Ponemon Library is a collection of the historical and present research, reports, studies, and white papers done by Ponemon, such as benchmarking reports, worldwide analysis, and other studies pertinent to the role of the CISO. 

Conferences and Trainings 


ISSA organizes forums where CISOs all over the world can participate and communicate with each other
ISSA organizes forums where CISOs all over the world can participate and communicate with each other

ISSA CISO Forum is an invitation-only association for contemporary CISOs. It is a peer-to-peer gathering for CISOs to exchange problems, accomplishments, and criticism in a peer-only setting. Membership is by invitation only, making it an exclusive organization for CISOs. Multiple events are hosted yearly in various U.S. cities, allowing CISOs to network and interact with other CEOs. 

Center for Development of Security Excellence

The Center for Development of Security Excellence provides many courses and other training materials for security professionals, including toolkits, webinars, and certification programs

ISC2 CISSP Certification

The CISSP Certification, offered by ISC2, “demonstrates your ability to plan, execute, and manage a best-in-class cybersecurity program.” The curriculum is well-suited for seasoned security professionals, managers, and executives who want to demonstrate their skills and expand their competence. 


As the most reputable and extensive source for computer security, IT security, and information security training, SANS is a comprehensive resource for all your CISO training requirements. The SANS website provides information about the live training, online training, and a plethora of other relevant resources. 


The CISO is the leader of a company’s security operations and is responsible for establishing the company’s direction. It is crucial that you do not make such significant choices alone. CISOs need to communicate with one another to share knowledge, network, and develop their careers. In contrast to other roles where there may be four or five persons with the same job title, CISOs are often the only person in their position. This is all the more reason why you need to have a peer or a more experienced mentor with whom you can establish a rapport and who can provide you with guidance.