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September 9, 2021

CISA Alert: Ransomware Gangs Take Advantage of Holidays

It’s not hard to say that many security teams worldwide are understaffed and overworked. On August 31, 2021, The FBI and the CISA released an advisory: “Ransomware Awareness for Holidays and Weekends” aiming to mention… Continue Reading

May 24, 2021

Re-examining the Pyramid of Pain to Use Cyber Threat Intelligence More Effectively

  The Pyramid of Pain was initially established in 2013 by security specialist David J Bianco in order to increase the applicability of the attack indicators by focusing on incident and threat hunting.   The Pyramid… Continue Reading

May 17, 2021

From Fuel Shortages to Gas Hikes: How the Colonial Pipeline Co. Fell Victim to a Ransomware Attack?

 On May 7, 2021, Colonial Pipeline suffered a ransomware attack that impacted computerized equipment managing the pipeline. The attack was the largest cyberattack on an oil infrastructure target in the history of the United States.… Continue Reading

December 15, 2020

Sunburst/Solorigate SolarWinds Supply Chain Backdoor Attack

What you need to know Nation-state threat actors breached the supply chain of SolarWinds in order to infiltrate its customers including U.S. government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. On December 13, 2020, the security vendor… Continue Reading

April 15, 2020

Did Zoom really get hacked?

Zoom Video Communications Inc.’s video conferencing app, has seen booming popularity since COVID-19 outbreaks began in January 2020. Zoom usage rose after lockdowns with corporate office workers, students, millions of people who #stayhome, and even… Continue Reading


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