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What are the Different Types of Attacks in Cybersecurity?
April 18, 2022

What are the Different Types of Attacks in Cybersecurity?

A cyber attack is a sort of attack that uses numerous tactics to target computer systems, infrastructures, networks, or personal computer devices. Cyber attacks come in many flavors, each capable of attacking a specific computer… Continue Reading

March 31, 2022

What Cyber Security Experts Think: How to Make Money on the Dark Web?

People increasingly purchase and sell items in the Internet's most obscure corners. Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, and eBay are all well-known e-commerce platforms. These are frequently the first internet stores where we purchase our goods. However,… Continue Reading

New Cyber Threats Require New Security Solutions: External Attack Surface Management (EASM)
March 30, 2022

CISOs Guide to External Attack Surface Management (EASM)

The year 2021 was started and ended with two major cyber security incidents: SolarWinds Attack and Log4j vulnerabilities. In between, ransomware rose to a level affecting the lives of ordinary people directly, thanks to the… Continue Reading

March 30, 2022

What is Red Teaming and How Does It Work?

Red Teaming is a multi-layered attack simulation that assesses how well a company's people, networks, applications, and physical security controls can survive an attack from a real-world opponent. A red teaming assessment aims to show… Continue Reading

What is Cybersecurity in 2022?
March 23, 2022

Let’s Start from the Beginning: What is Cybersecurity in 2022?

The practice of securing critical systems and sensitive data from digital threats is known as cybersecurity. Cybersecurity, also known as IT security, prevent threats to networked systems and applications, whether they come from within or… Continue Reading

What is EMOTET Malware and How to Protect Yourself
March 22, 2022

What is EMOTET Malware and How to Protect Yourself

According to Arne Schoenbohm, who leads the German Federal Office of Information Security (BSI), EMOTET is the king of malware. EMOTET actively attacks many devices in every industry, including small-large businesses, individuals, non-profit organizations, governments,… Continue Reading

How Can Reinforce Your Brand Protection Against Cyber Threats
March 21, 2022

How Can Reinforce Your Brand Protection Against Cyber Threats?

The rapidity with which businesses have transitioned to a digital business environment has created new unique difficulties that they must confront to secure essential and sensitive corporate data. Companies must discover brand protection solutions to mitigate their growing exposure to cyber-related… Continue Reading

February 24, 2022

How Can You Avoid Potential Attacks with SOCRadar Integrations?

Today's blog post is about API services, security solutions, and integrations that SOCRadar offers. You can access the SOCRadar API documents regarding the APIs provided by SOCRadar (used depending on licenses/packages) from this link.  SOCRadar,… Continue Reading

February 9, 2022

What is the Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis?

The Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis is predicated on the idea that every cyber attack results from an adversary using some capacity to attack its victim over infrastructure. The diamond's vertices that lend this model… Continue Reading

January 31, 2022

What is The Intelligence Cycle?  

The whole activity of leading the intelligence cycle, which is a collection of procedures used to convey decision-useful information (intelligence) to leaders, is referred to as intelligence cycle management. Planning and direction, collecting, processing, exploitation,… Continue Reading

January 27, 2022

What is Network Port?

Computers must have an IP address to communicate with each other. IP addresses are divided into ports, which means virtual buses. It means port. However, its equivalent in computer language is a bridge.  Thanks to… Continue Reading

January 19, 2022

What are CVSS Scores?

The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (also known as CVSS) assigns a number value (0-10) to the severity of a security vulnerability. CVSS scores are often used by security professionals as part of a vulnerability management… Continue Reading

January 17, 2022

What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)? (Ultimate Guide)

A Security Operation Center (SOC) is a centralized function inside an organization that uses people, processes, and technology to continually monitor and enhance an organization’s security posture while preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity… Continue Reading

January 12, 2022

How Does Cyber Security Support Business Intelligence?

The second guide that we have prepared for cyber security experts and administrators is about “business intelligence”. Cybercrime has catastrophic consequences in today's corporate environment, including revenue and profit loss, brand ruin, erosion of consumer… Continue Reading

January 11, 2022

Using Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity (Ultimate Guide)

Welcome to the first of our ultimate guides on some topics related to cybersecurity: AI vs. cybersecurity. In these compilations, we will try to answer the questions that come to mind about some hot issues.… Continue Reading

January 6, 2022

What Do You Need To Know About Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF)

A cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a security application running on the cloud that tracks the traffic between the user and the web servers to filter and block malicious packages traveling back and forth… Continue Reading

December 30, 2021

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence?

Information that an organization utilizes to understand the risks that have, will, or are presently attacking it is known as cyber threat intelligence. This information is used to predict, prevent, and identify cyber-threats attempting to… Continue Reading

December 23, 2021

What is Operational Cyber Threat Intelligence and How to Use It

Organizations of all sizes are building security teams to deploy network solutions and address threats. A key component to the success of these initiatives is access to up-to-date cyber threat intelligence.  This blog describes the… Continue Reading

December 9, 2021

What is Technical Cyber Threat Intelligence and How to Use It

As cyber threats become more sophisticated, many organizations pay more attention to their security programs. Organizations of all sizes build security teams to deploy network solutions and address threats.  A key component to the success… Continue Reading

November 29, 2021

Quick Facts on the World’s Top InfoStealer Malware Threats

An info stealer is a piece of malicious software (malware) that tries to steal your information. In most cases, this means stealing information that can make money for the cybercriminals. The standard form of info… Continue Reading

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