SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc. | Executive Interview: A Deep Dive into Mel Migrino’s Insights and Cutting-Edge Innovations”


Ara 27, 2023
4 Mins Read

Executive Interview: A Deep Dive into Mel Migrino’s Insights and Cutting-Edge Innovations”

In the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, staying abreast of emerging trends is essential for effective defense strategies. Our discussion with Mel Migrino, SEA Regional Director at Gogolook, delves into the transformative impact of AI and blockchain on cybersecurity. Mel’s insights provide a nuanced perspective on addressing pressing concerns in the realm of cybersecurity.

Embracing Innovations: The Fusion of AI and Blockchain

According to Mel, AI profoundly influences business, technology, and cybersecurity. As adversaries leverage AI for sophisticated fraud and scam techniques, machine learning-based fraud detection systems become crucial. Aligning with Mel’s insights, security companies with holistic approaches must emphasize scalable, speedy, and automated detection through its AI-driven threat intelligence modules.

Mel introduces blockchain as a preventive measure, highlighting its role in ensuring a trusted infrastructure with high validation. Holistic approach companies’ commitment to the cybersecurity ecosystem to comprehensive threat intelligence aligns with this philosophy, combining AI detection with preventive measures for 360-degree security.

Regional Threat Landscape: Prioritizing Threats for Robust Defense

Mel identifies the top three threats specific to the region and industry, emphasizing the importance of prioritization. Also, Mel Migrino advocates aligning budget allocation with significant risks, particularly for organizations heavily reliant on AI. The focus on data security and cloud security, as seen in its Vulnerability Intelligence and Detection skills, resonates with Mel’s perspective, considering these investments not merely expenditures but crucial for fostering trust and reliable data.

Ransomware Defense Strategies: Holistic Cyber Defense Operations

Mel Migrino recommends a different approach to ransomware defense, emphasizing cyber defense operations and skilled investigation teams. According to Migrino, a significant commitment to providing false-positive free, actionable, and contextualized threat intelligence must seamlessly align with a proactive strategy.

AI and ML in Cybersecurity: Building a Trusted Infrastructure

Mel Migrino stresses the need for a trusted infrastructure in the face of growing Dark Web threats. Companies that provide strategic threat intelligence to C-level managers align with Mel’s vision. At the final thoughts, Mel Migrino highlights Gogolook’s approach to ensuring vendors adhere to security standards. Gogolook, as a company with information security certifications, follows third-party controls, ensuring its ecosystem aligns with required security standards.

Closing Thoughts: Embracing Change and Creative Approaches

In conclusion, Mel’s advice for CISOs resonates with the ethos of both Gogolook and SOCRadar. Embracing change, leveraging innovation, and building a trusted infrastructure are practical strategies for both companies. SOCRadar’s commitment to Extended Threat Intelligence aligns with Mel’s emphasis on creative approaches for an impactful cybersecurity posture.

As we navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape, insights from Mel Migrino, integrated with SOCRadar’s product capabilities, showcase collaborative resilience. The fusion of AI, blockchain, and strategic threat intelligence forms the foundation for proactive defense against emerging threats, emphasizing adaptability as paramount in this era.

About Mel Migrino

Mel Migrino is currently the SEA Regional Director at Gogolook. She was the vice president and group CISO of the Power DU Conglomerate, former cybersecurity leader of a Big Four auditing firm, and the most prominent fintech firm in the Philippines. Concurrently, the Chairman and President of the Women in Security Alliance Philippines (WiSAP) focuses on empowering women in Security. She was recently awarded as 2023 CISO of the Year and Cyber Woman of the Year by Cybersecurity Awards. Ranked #1 in the 2022 CSO30 ASEAN Awards by IDG and CSO Online and was recognized as the 2021 CISO of the Year by Women in Governance, Risk, and Compliance Awards. She was contributing writer in Fight Fire with Fire – Proactive Cybersecurity Strategies for Today’s Leaders and was cited as a 2022 Global Influencer by the International Security Journal (ISJ) in December 2021.