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Oct 25, 2022
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Financial Industry Shaken by DDoS Attacks

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are one of the most common techniques along with cyber criminals. Despite being temporary, DDoS attacks can have a significant impact on organizations.

DDoS attacks became a big issue again last year during the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Due to the attacks, the websites of state-owned banks and the government in Ukraine experienced massive network traffic in February 2021, which was an immense pressure during that time.

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DDoS attacks require more devices than DoS, more specifically a botnet, to flood a server with traffic. Therefore, there are occasionally motives other than simply pressuring a victim. Threat actors may also conduct these attacks to interrupt security procedures, conceal other malicious activity, or disrupt workflow.

Risks of DDoS Attacks 

Data theft and hacking of a third party are the primary threats to the financial industry during a DDoS attack.

Vendors from various industries are linked in the financial institutions’ digital environment. Threat actors typically target the most vulnerable vendor, and with a single intrusion, they can gain access to others.

The well-known SolarWinds breach demonstrates that financial institutions must not overlook threats from third parties. DDoS attacks may cover up such attacks, and businesses in a supply chain might become targets of extortion or dark web data leaks. 

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DDoS Attacks Targeting Financial Industry 

  • News of a slowed-down Fast Payment System (FPS) due to an increase in DDoS attacks on Russian telecom providers’ channels is found on a hacker forum that SOCRadar monitors.
ddos attack to a financial institution
(Source: SOCRadar)
  • The websites of the Ministry of Defense, state-owned Privatbank, and Oschadbank in Ukraine were targeted by hackers in DDoS attacks. Attackers disrupted Oschadbank’s Internet banking.
ddos attack to a financial institution
  • Businesses, including ANZ New Zealand and Kiwibank, experienced service interruptions on their banking apps and websites due to a DDoS campaign against New Zealand-based firms. 
  • Threat actors disrupted the Bank of Zambia’s IT applications due to a DDoS attack claimed by the Hive group. The Bank of Zambia stated that it refused to pay the ransom and was back in operation within four days. 
  • In February, DDoS attacks were launched against Russia’s largest bank Sberbank and the Moscow Stock Exchange. Anonymous later claimed responsibility for the Sberbank hack by leaking relevant information. In a hacker forum monitored by SOCRadar, a new Sberbank credit card sale was detected.