How to Protect Your Online Brand?

How to Protect Your Online Brand?

by rootsun
July 27, 2020

Creating and developing an eminent brand image is a process that includes significant hard work for years, therefore it makes a very valuable asset of an organization. Not being able to protect it, puts your business reputation at risk, and definitely causes loss of customer trust.

The risk lays beyond your security perimeter

Protecting the online brand can be even more difficult than creating one. It takes constant monitoring of all the digital landscape to detect any malign activity that can possibly damage your reputation. And here is where the problem stands. Many companies lack the information that they’re being exploited because they don’t have full visibility beyond their security perimeter. Firewalls, IDS, or endpoint protection may be great to protect your network, but brand security is a different level. 

Spotting any brand impersonating social accounts, fake mobile applications that target stealing customer information, or domain spoofing, can be challenging. As if this is not enough, you know the digital world expands in extreme manners, and with it, new attack vectors show up.     

Why is brand security important? 

Let’s say you are a well-known company with a great reputation and have a large number of potential customers using your services on a daily basis. On the other side, there is a threat actor targeting your company, trying to steal personal information from your customers. There are lots of different attack vectors through which the threat actor can pursue its action (and we’ll discuss them later). Let’s say it chose to create a fake website with impersonated content of your company, which, by the way, looks pretty legit to the customer – and is better known as phishing

Unless you spot the phishing domain before customers fall for the trap, there will be a bad impact on your brand reputation. Not only you lose customers, but this can also cause financial implications because the loss of customer personal information – data breaches are usually followed by huge fines. 

Biggest risks targeting your online brand 

Registering phishing domains is just one example of how threat actors can abuse your brand. Let’s talk about all the main risks targeting your brand:

Phishing and Domain Spoofing – this kind of attack has the lead in damaging your brand reputation. Phishing websites trick users into giving away personal information, or they might even include malicious scripts that can scrape personal information out of the browsers without the user even realizing it.  

Impersonating Social Accounts – Social media platforms help a lot in increasing your popularity online and be in contact with your customers across the globe. However, very often, we can spot threat actors benefiting from these platforms, creating fake accounts to lure customers of your company into clicking on malicious links. 

Malicious Fake Mobile Applications – Day by day, companies turn to mobile applications to provide their services easier and faster to their customers. Threat actors benefit from the increased usage of mobile apps and create fake ones to gather information from your customers.

Impersonated VIP (key executive) profiles – similar to fake company social accounts, threat actors create fake accounts belonging to your employees. They can use these accounts to redirect customers into phishing websites, where they can scrape information from them. 

Brand Misinformation in Social Media – misinformation shared on social media platforms or malicious campaigns against your company, are a very potential risk targeting your brand reputation.

Counterfeit goods in black markets – protecting your brand requires continuous deep and dark web scans. Black markets are places where threat actors would sell counterfeit goods with your logo. Being aware of these malicious activities can help you take action before your reputation is damaged.

Protect your online brand and your digital assets with SOCRadar 

SOCRadar’s AttackMapper discovers your external-facing digital assets and maps all your digital footprint necessary to protect your brand from imposters and threat actors. We use a robust algorithm to detect possible Phishing Domains, but most importantly, we ensure an integrated takedown service, which will completely remove the phishing domain from the web browser. 

SOCRadar continuously monitors the web for content that can harm your reputation, identifies impersonation social accounts and fake mobile applications, and recommends actions that can help you take down these accounts. 

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