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Jan 12, 2022
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How Does Cyber Security Support Business Intelligence?

The second guide that we have prepared for cyber security experts and administrators is about “business intelligence”. Cybercrime has catastrophic consequences in today’s corporate environment, including revenue and profit loss, brand ruin, erosion of consumer loyalty, competitive disadvantages, and, among other things, crippling lawsuits.

Following recent cyber attacks, organizations worldwide are beginning to see the crucial need for lifesaving protections that warn when risk is there. They understand that they need “risk sensors” to prevent dangerous scenarios from occurring and prevent inevitable cybercrime from becoming tragic when it appears.

Why is Cyber Security Integral to Business Intelligence?

The actual data collected and stored by Business Intelligence (BI) systems requires tangible cybersecurity to support business intelligence operations. In this way, business intelligence operations become more economically viable, respected, and better equipped to protect the valuable yet compassionate data generated by IoT and IIoT technology.

Many people are unaware that businesses that keep a tight grip on their data are considerably better positioned to ward off cyberthreats than those that do not. The problem isn’t with data; it’s whether we have complete control over it.

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The first step in managing and deploying data is to make mining and visualization analytics as simple as possible.

If you’re having trouble creating a system that works for your company, a business intelligence platform is an excellent place to start.

This situation bridges the gap between modern business intelligence tools and any outdated software you might still be using. Using embedded analytics, companies may also link reports, dashboards, and visualizations with essential applications and processes.

Cybersecurity and data governance are continuous commitments that need continuing focus and effort. Cybercrime’s dynamic nature causes many issues for contemporary businesses. Still, it’s also a powerful motivator to maintain their databases clean, safe, and connected to an effective business intelligence system at all times.

It’s always best to do things ahead of time to protect digital infrastructure. It’s pointless to wait until a significant cyber assault has harmed you before taking action.

Top businesses recognize the necessity of preventing substantial disruptions to their operations at all costs, which can only be accomplished by regularly upgrading and strengthening every area of their cybersecurity plan. It will eventually protect you if you keep your data safe.

The Cost of Insecure Business Intelligence

A data breach occurs when thieves obtain illegal access to a computer system or network to jeopardize or steal the private, proprietary, sensitive, or confidential personal, corporate, or financial data of users, customers, or businesses. Businesses have been crippled or destroyed due to cyber security breaches in recent years.

Fines and penalties for data breaches are sometimes significant and devastating. GDPR offenders, for example, might face penalties of up to €20 million or 4% of their annual worldwide revenue for the previous financial year, whichever is higher.

In comparison to the GDPR, various federal and state agencies in the United States impose fines and punishments for data breaches that can be large in scope and have a similar commercial impact.

Data breaches destroy businesses (Source: LinkedIn

Untrustworthy data quality is also cited as a key stumbling block in developing corporate strategy by executives worldwide.

Cyber security solutions that detect sensitive data and assess its quality can assist businesses in minimizing the consequences of insufficient data and making better business decisions.

Businesses cannot afford to run on unsecured business intelligence platforms. Following an assault, the value of large firms is likely to plummet, and they will swiftly fall behind in today’s competitive global market.

Smaller groups, which are frequently underfunded, may never recover. Furthermore, cyber security may aid business intelligence by preserving high-quality data, allowing decision-makers to focus on tactical company plans.

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