Incident Response

Respond effectively with actionable insights.

Proactive extension of your team.

As the cyberattacks increase in scope and scale, CIRTs (Computer Incident Response Teams) become more vital to achieve digital resiliency. The effective response to incidents requires rapid access to information on the Who/What/Why/When/How of an incident. SOCRadar is the extension of your team, making you more proactive by providing you the required context for adversaries’ TTPs, motivations and plans.

Phishing mitigation & takedown

With one click, initiate the takedown process to deactivate and block access to detected phishing domains stealing information from your customers or employees.

Monitoring APT groups

Get essential insights into the activities of state-sponsored APT groups to keep up-to-date on new and emerging tools used to carry out their global operations that may align with current IOAs.

Rapid analysis

Understand and analyze the root cause of the incident by leveraging SOCRadar’s big-data powered threat intelligence capabilities to empower the team with operational context on threats.

Gaining insights on trends

Maximize incident response efficiency by keeping a close eye on overall cyber threat news and vulnerability trends tailored for your industry, geolocation, TTPs or customized keywords.