Federal Government

Keep coordinated and better-informed against advanced attacks.

Governments – federal/national, state and municipal – often face the most targeted and evasive cyber threats. To safeguard against advanced threats, governments need rapid threat analysis and on-time alerting. Holistic and coordinated perspective of SOCRadar Platform’s scalable technology allows governments across the world to bridge the real-time threat intelligence gap between federal agencies. SOCRadar can help governments to improve their current security posture with actionable threat intelligence and additional hacker-exposed digital assets visibility, while alerting ontime about upcoming threats.

Detecting data leakage early

Get alerted on time about compromised credentials and other sensitive information including top level officials' and employees' personal information.

Visibility at scale

Take control of your evolving attack surface including agencies and gain a far-reaching visibility into adversaries’ perspectives to safeguard sensitive data.

Monitoring APT groups

Leverage dark web scan technology with the human analyst team to achieve further to provide in-depth insights into state-sponsored APT groups.

Impersonating domain detection

Parsing millions of domain names to identify typosquatted and look-alike domains that aims to trick citizens or employees to steal information.