Financial Services

Get proactive to manage the digitalization risks.

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Financial services organizations witness a sharp rise in data breaches in the age of digital transformation. Accelerated by COVID-19 crisis, more and more employees are being mobilized for convenience to meet changing financial needs of their customers. This process brings quicker and smarter payments and the rise of FinTech and digital banking services. It also makes them a juicy target for APT groups due to the potential financial gain or level of data sensitivity. The latest developed TTPs and hard-to-detect malicious tools are continually traded on the dark web from banking trojans and skimming techniques to exposed RDP servers. Digital risk is much more dynamic and unexpected with thousands of internet-facing assets including customers’ financial data and employees’ stolen credentials. SOCRadar provides the actionable and timely intelligence context you need to manage the risks in the era of transformation.

Dark web scan

SOCRadar's fusion of its unique dark web Recon technology with the human analyst eye achieves further to provide in-depth insights into financially-targeted APT groups and threat landscape.

Credit card monitoring

Enhance your fraud detection mechanisms with the automation-speed by identifying stolen credit card data on global popular blackmarkets, carding forums, social channels and chatters.

Protecting customers’ PII

Scanning millions of data points on clear, deep and dark web to accurately identify the leakage of your customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) in compliance with regulations.

360-degree visibility

Achieve digital resiliency by maintaining internet-facing digital asset inventory. Significantly accelerate this process by automated discovery, mapping and continuous asset monitoring.