Security Leaders

Empower your digital risk strategy.

Better-forecast future threats with ROI in mind.

Counteracting the growing number of attack vectors and their interconnections requires in-depth and strategic threat intelligence. SOCRadar enables decision-makers understand the risks posed to their organizations through attack-surface-centric and industry-specific reports. It helps security teams automate manual, repetitive, time-wasting monitoring tasks and increase overall efficiency.

Industry-specific reports

Focus on relevant threats through actionable intelligence reports and custom IOCs specifically tailored for the threats, tools and techniques encountered in your industry.

Shadow assets

Prevent critical security risks faced by major organizations in recent years by discovering an unknown asset or vulnerability before adversaries. This makes sure an up-to-date inventory of all external-facing assets is in place.

Holistic approach

Maximize the impact of your investment with SOCRadar’s innovative approach combining external attack surface management, cyber threat intelligence and digital risk protection enabled by big data and automation.


Avoid the results of non-compliance by scanning millions of data points to accurately identify the leakage of personally identifiable information (PII) enabling timely data breach notification, in compliance with GDPR regulations.