Vulnerability Management

Prioritize patching by laser-focusing on your digital footprint.

Hackers see what you don’t see.

Gartner states that only roughly one-eighth of all vulnerabilities in the past decade were actually exploited in the wild. Many of them are frequently reused and leveraged in a wide range of threats, such as Remote Access Trojans (RATs) and ransomware. Taking external-facing vulnerable services into perspective, SOCRadar is committed to provide you with actionable insights and context while speeding up the prioritization process.

Shadow IT

Discover and monitor all your forgotten external-facing assets including CMSs, network applications, SSL certificates and JavaScript libraries to get timely alerts of the latest critical vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability trends

Get a threat landscape-centric view of global vulnerability trends to better-prioritize patching through easy-to-use Vulnerability Intelligence dashboard of SOCRadar, gain insights into which vulnerabilities are being leveraged by threat actors.

Exposed critical ports

Monitor continuously your perimeter for critical open ports like RDP to prevent disruptive breaches, rapidly access and download auto-generated report about exposed ports and network services by type, FQDNs, IP addresses.

Cryptographic infrastructure

Avoid being vulnerable to SSL/TLS attacks, such as Heartbleed Bug, POODLE, Freak by monitoring your cryptographic infrastructure by signature signing algorithms, the presence of insecure ciphers, certificate validity and expiration.

JavaScript threats

Detect unmaintained JS libraries which often contain vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery and buffer overflows.