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Şub 16, 2024
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Threat Actor Profile: ScarCruft / APT37

ScarCruft, also widely known as APT37 or Reaper APT, is an espionage group associated with North Korean state activities that target high-value individuals. The group has been active since 2012, and while its primary target is South Korea, ScarCruft extends its reach to other Asian nations linked to North Korea’s interests.

SOCRadar Threat Actor Card of ScarCruft / APT37

SOCRadar Threat Actor Card of ScarCruft / APT37

The group’s interests lie heavily in government, military bodies, and industries aligned with North Korea’s concerns.

Employing watering-hole attacks and sophisticated exploits, ScarCruft infiltrates systems to install backdoors and conduct reconnaissance. They innovate with malware development and experiment with infection chains, often employing decoy documents associated with other North Korean groups.

Utilizing zero-day exploits and spear-phishing tactics, which form the backbone of their sophisticated attack methodologies, ScarCruft orchestrates attacks across various countries, including Russia, Nepal, China, and more.

Constantly evolving, ScarCruft refines its methods, including the use of weaponized Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (CHM) files, exploring new file formats, and enhancing evasion techniques.

Their persistence and sophistication make ScarCruft a formidable threat to South Korea and North Korea-associated interests, leveraging advanced tactics to fulfill their espionage goals.

Threat actor page of APT37 (ScarCruft) on SOCRadar platform

Threat actor page of APT37 (ScarCruft) on SOCRadar platform

How Does ScarCruft / APT37 Attack?

ScarCruft employs diverse methods to deploy its backdoors, including spear-phishing and strategic web compromises. They exploit zero-day vulnerabilities for sophisticated attacks and have been noted for watering-hole attacks, compromising websites commonly visited by their targets to distribute their backdoors via malicious code.

A standout method is the use of Dolphin malware. Dolphin is a backdoor facilitating extensive spying capabilities like drive monitoring, file exfiltration, keylogging, screenshot capture, and browser credential theft.

Another malicious tool used by the APT group, BLUELIGHT, was previously deployed in a watering-hole attack on a South Korean online newspaper.

ScarCruft experiments with malware delivery routes, such as oversized LNK files for RokRAT distribution, and employs social engineering – deceiving targets via phishing to deliver malware.

What sets ScarCruft apart is its utilization of the self-decoding technique, an uncommon method among APT groups, to efficiently distribute malware. The self-decoding technique involves encoding a malicious payload within another file or code for evasion purposes. When the document is opened or the code is executed, the payload is dynamically decoded and executed. Additionally, the group employs unconventional channels for its operations, leveraging social networking sites and cloud platforms for Command and Control (C2) communication.

The tactics of ScarCruft evolve continuously as the group keeps finding novel methods to bypass security measures and enhance their operational effectiveness.

Key Takeaways from the Tactics Used by the Threat Actor:

  • Spear Phishing: ScarCruft initiates intrusions through spear phishing emails, employing social engineering to entice users into opening malicious attachments to deliver backdoors.
  • Compromised Websites: The group employs compromised websites to retrieve second-stage malware, indicating a multi-stage attack strategy.
  • Social Networking and Cloud Platforms: ScarCruft leverages social networking sites and cloud platforms for Command and Control (C2) communication, utilizing unconventional channels for their operations.
  • Self-Decoding Technique: ScarCruft stands out for using the self-decoding technique, a less common method among APT groups, to distribute malware efficiently.

Malware Used by ScarCruft / APT37

ScarCruft (APT37) uses a variety of customized tools to extract sensitive data from compromised systems, including Chinotto, RokRat, BLUELIGHT, GOLDBACKDOOR, and Dolphin. These tools facilitate remote access, data theft, and command execution while evading detection.

ScarCruft employs a diverse range of malware in its operations, such as Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (CHM) files, to install additional malware on target systems. The group is also known to have developed malware targeting mobile devices, using Windows Bluetooth APIs to collect data from connected devices. Another malicious tool used by the group while targeting mobile – alongside desktop – devices is the Chinotto spyware.

Notably, ScarCruft has been associated with a previously unknown malware family called NOKKI, and furthermore, in early 2023, researchers linked ScarCruft to a malware strain named M2RAT, a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) adept at bypassing antivirus and intrusion detection systems.

The flow of attacks deploying M2RAT (AhnLab)

The flow of attacks deploying M2RAT (AhnLab)

Vulnerabilities Exploited by ScarCruft / APT37

ScarCruft (APT37) has exploited various vulnerabilities in its cyber espionage campaigns. One notable instance involved ScarCruft leveraging a zero-day vulnerability in the JScript 9 scripting language (CVE-2022-41128), enabling the group to infect South Korean targets with malware.

Additionally, ScarCruft utilized steganography techniques to distribute malware by exploiting a vulnerability in HWP EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files. Furthermore, the group employed Flash Player exploits, like CVE-2016-4117, to deliver malware through watering hole attacks.

ScarCruft also targeted vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, using them to distribute malware via compromised documents.

What Are the Countries/Industries Targeted by ScarCruft / APT37?

Target Countries:

ScarCruft’s victims have been observed in several countries, including:

  • Russia
  • Nepal
  • South Korea
  • China
  • India
  • Kuwait
  • Romania

These countries have reported ScarCruft-related activities and targeted attacks. It is worth noting that ScarCruft primarily targets South Korea, but it has also targeted other Asian countries and organizations with North Korean interests.

Countries previously targeted by ScarCruft (SOCRadar Threat Actors page)

Countries previously targeted by ScarCruft (SOCRadar Threat Actors page)

Target Sectors:

ScarCruft primarily targets sectors and industries that are aligned with North Korea’s interests.

The group’s target industries include government and military organizations, with the goal of gathering intelligence from these bodies, while it directs attacks against various industries in diverse sectors based on North Korea’s interests.

ScarCruft is also known to have targeted individuals associated with North Korea – like academics, novelists, and activists; the group also monitors North Korean defectors and journalists.

Campaigns Related to ScarCruft / APT37

Bing AI illustration of APT threat actors orchestrating a campaign

Bing AI illustration of APT threat actors orchestrating a campaign

APT37 (ScarCruft) has been linked to several campaigns and activities. Here are some notable campaigns associated with APT37:

2016 – 2018

  • Operation Daybreak
  • Operation Erebus
  • Golden Time
  • Evil New Year
  • Are you Happy?
  • FreeMilk
  • North Korean Human Rights


  • Evil New Year 2018


The latest campaign involving ScarCruft involved breaching Russia’s leading missile manufacturer, NPO Mashinostroyeniya (NPO Mash). The attack was not solely attributed to ScarCruft, another known North Korean nation-state threat group, Lazarus, was also involved.

It appeared that the breach commenced in late 2021 and continued until May of the following year – the attackers maintained access for several months before detection. ScarCruft breached the email server, while Lazarus implanted backdoors into NPO Mash’s systems.

And in May 2022, NPO Mash detected a suspicious file, later identified as an OpenCarrot backdoor linked to Lazarus, capable of reconnaissance and file manipulation. ScarCruft was also found compromising NPO Mash’s Linux email server during the incident.

NPO Mash’s appeal as a target lies in its possession of highly classified intellectual property associated with sensitive missile technology, and the attack was regarded as a strategic espionage mission to support North Korea’s missile program – the attack also stands as a recent example of the group’s high-value targeting.


Since its inception in 2012, ScarCruft has demonstrated a profound interest in targeting high-value individuals and institutions, primarily centered around South Korea but extending its reach to other Asian nations aligned with North Korea’s counterintelligence interests.

The group’s modus operandi involves targeting government, military bodies, various industries, as well as individuals associated with North Korean concerns, showcasing their broad spectrum of interests and objectives. Employing watering-hole attacks, zero-day exploits, and spear-phishing tactics, ScarCruft infiltrates systems to install backdoors and conduct reconnaissance.

The recent campaign involving ScarCruft’s breach of Russia’s leading missile manufacturer, NPO Mashinostroyeniya (NPO Mash), highlights the group’s evolving tactics and strategic focus. Collaborating with Lazarus, another North Korean nation-state threat group, ScarCruft orchestrated a sophisticated attack, maintaining access for several months before detection.

In essence, ScarCruft’s operations epitomize the evolving landscape of cyber espionage, posing significant challenges to the cybersecurity of government organizations and more worldwide. As ScarCruft continues to refine its tactics and expand its sphere of influence, vigilance, and collaboration among security communities remain critical in mitigating the threat posed by this sophisticated adversary and alikes.

Recommendations: Guarding Against ScarCruft

To protect against ScarCruft (APT37) and mitigate the risk of their cyber espionage activities, here are some recommendations:

  • Keep software up to date: Regularly update operating systems, applications, and security patches to address known vulnerabilities. APT37 has been known to exploit zero-day vulnerabilities, so staying up to date is crucial.
  • Implement strong security measures: Deploy robust security solutions, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and antivirus software. Regularly update and configure these tools to ensure they provide effective protection against known threats.
  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Implement MFA for critical accounts and systems to add an extra layer of security. This helps prevent unauthorized access even if passwords are compromised.
  • Educate employees: Conduct regular security awareness training to educate employees about phishing attacks, social engineering techniques, and safe browsing habits. APT37 often uses spear-phishing emails as an initial attack vector.
  • Monitor network traffic: Implement network monitoring tools to detect suspicious activities and anomalies. Monitor for any signs of unauthorized access, data exfiltration, or unusual network behavior.
  • Implement strong access controls: Restrict user privileges and implement the principle of least privilege. Limit access to sensitive systems and data to only those who require it.
  • Regularly back up data: Maintain regular backups of critical data and ensure they are stored securely. This helps mitigate the impact of potential data breaches or ransomware attacks.
  • Establish an incident response plan: Develop an incident response plan that outlines the steps to be taken in the event of a security incident. This will help minimize the impact and facilitate a swift response.

These recommendations serve as general cybersecurity best practices and may not comprehensively counter all tactics employed by APT37; to directly address the threats they may face, organizations must remain vigilant and stay informed about the latest threat intelligence, and use advanced platforms like SOCRadar to monitor their attack surface.

You can elevate your organization’s security strategy with SOCRadar’s insights – The SOCRadar XTI platform, with its Cyber Threat Intelligence capabilities, can assist you stay ahead of emerging threats posed by threat actors like ScarCruft, ensuring your defenses are continuously fortified and updated against evolving risks.

Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) Related to ScarCruft / APT37

The Indicators of Compromise of ScarCruft (APT37), as listed by Zscaler, are as follows:

Archive File Hashes

MD5 hash Archive filename
3dd12d67844b047486740405ae96f1a4 (20220120)2022년 총동창회 신년인사001.rar
e9cd4c60582a587416c4807c890f8a5b (양식) 제20대 대통령 취임식 재외동포 참석자 추천 명단(국민의힘당원 000).rar
6dc7795dde643aae9ced8e22db335ad1 1.rar
e3879ea3f695706dfc3fc1fb68c6241d 2017-APEC.rar
17bc6298bf72fa76ad6e3f29536e2f13 2022 후기 신-편입생 모집요강.rar
54a99efd1b9adec5dc0096c624f21660 2022-01-27-notification.rar
f3f4cf7876817b1e8a2d49fe9bd7b206 2022-03-22.rar
bb182e47e1ffc0e8335b3263112ffdb1 2022-04-14.rar
9d85c8378b5f1edefb1e9837b3abb74f 2022.04.27.rar
cb33ef9c824d16ff23af4e01f017e648 2022.rar
75fe480a0669e80369eaf640857c27cd 20220315-112_Notice.rar
6db5f68b74c8ba397104da419fcc831d 202203_5_06.rar
cfd73942f61fbb14dded15f3d0c92f4a 20220510_115155.rar
5c67c9266e4267d1bf0862bf2c7bd2a5 20220913.rar
1531bba6a8028d38d36c0a91b91159c3 20220916093205755684_TSA.rar
afdc59ec36ac950de08169162783accd 2022년 국방부 부임이사 안내(몽골리아).rar
06c112968cdde43c3424bdf0a2a00928 20230302_Guide.rar
6ab401c83095129a182b9be0359d602d 3사복지업무.rar
93e94b673c6d1ea6d615c0102dc77610 Ambassador Schedule Week 6 2023.rar
e32f59fd5acbe01d2171ba6c2f24e3ca Announcement.rar
7b60dc663e1025e8892b96fa9fc34f00 BoanMail.rar
5e95023c6ac3f3fefe00cfc2b4b1d093 CR_20230126.rar
353370ade2a2491c29f20f07860cf492 CV.rar
120a677df1c4d1f0792b6547d3b60183 DBLife-2022_08_05.rar
02baa23f3baecdc29d96bffea165191b Details.rar
c3325c43b6eea2510f9c9f1df7b7ce22 Documents.rar
04a7290e04fd1855140373aa3d453cef DriverSet.rar
87c3e8e4308aac42fed82de86b0d4cb6 Estimate.rar
328dc6e7acce35abaaf3811bac2bc838 H2O 견적서.rar
e9230cf7615338ab037719646d67351b HealthDoc.rar
cf012ca48b5e1f6743be7e0d10cdfd2e Introduce.rar
34d3e5306cff0bfe831ccd89d095ef33 Invoice_1514_from_Evo3_Marketing_Inc.rar
717dab257423d5fd93d0d02f3ff242e7 KB_20220111.rar
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c23c17756e5ccf9543ea4fb9eb342fde KN0408_045 정영호.rar
31793153b12f1187287007578017abd4 KakaoTalk_20220419_103447534.rar
030df9bca0a35bcd88d5897482ee226d LG유플러스_이동통신_202207_이_선.rar
8eb56493d984b3c2fa4c2dedb6871dd7 LG유플러스_이동통신_202208_이_선.rar
0c2375825dcae816a1f9b53f8f82d705 MAIL_20230125151802.rar
93817f6dfe3a7596eeef049eda9c8b18 Message.rar
3fe6722cd256d6d5e1d5f5003d6a01a5 NTS_eTaxInvoice.rar
c1b6390f0ef992571fa9ed3c47eb0883 News about Foreign affairs, The High North and Ukraine.rar
6dc7795dde643aae9ced8e22db335ad1 Oxygen_Generator.rar
3b52f149e220da28bf9cd719570979ce Payment.rar
e5c509a33db926f3087c3a52546b71f2 Provincil’s letter.rar
d5ad2c1790c715d88b5e05ca4329417d References.rar
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f7a73eaf15ee8d8f3257a359af5987eb WooriCard_14day_20220609.rar
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715d408b45e5334a985e7e6279fa80ac WooriCard_20220401.rar
b2ce0ba21ae1e982a3a33a676c958bec XQQ-2022-D27.rar
b9f423b42df0df0cb5209973345d267c [INSS] National Security and Strategy (Winter 2022).rar
ab0dc3964a203eea96a233c8d068de95 [붙임] 제20대 대통령선거 제1차 정책토론회 시청 안내문.rar
fbc339cd3f4d39af108b4fdb70202b22 boanmail-202101-j08.rar
fbc339cd3f4d39af108b4fdb70202b22 boanmail_202201_2_505824.rar
0db43beb06845026cf33c59baa66b393 boanmail_202201_5_02-10424.rar
237bcbe07219eb24104815205cc01d24 boanmail_202201_5_80222982.rar
2bf05e2526911b3bdb7f77cbbe4155f3 db-fi.rar
0923c69808352feb9a57a766c611b7d4 dbins_secure.rar
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0947efee85596a17bdd1e798826d48aa enkis.rar
93675086f33fb0708982eafea5568f05 final exam questions 2022 summer  KED.rar
8faabae5e6766a6a93a56014cca5c295 hi_security_mail.rar
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9c6d553682813724424a7fcc7af8729d mmexport1638437859483.rar
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f07a3d146f32bfa8f53e5cae7178559e pay_202111_5_01-10104.rar
0beeb858734cd7da03b1284e7fe00b22 pay_202111_5_02-12972.rar
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31da11dbf80715138261904b2249a7f8 pay_202111_5_04-14213.rar
1803d81e1d0ccb91c752ecb4bc3b6f0c pay_202111_5_12-11985.rar
06b7207879bd9ed42b323e16bb757a3c pay_202202_5_06-10325.rar
28b807be70e49ebc0c65455f430d6408 pay_202205_5_01-10104.rar
c97a32c7555fc81f296fee0a65fec079 pay_202209_5_01-502479.rar
1e05dbe1846c1704b9a7a1db13fdd976 samsungfire.rar
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a8bcbb34e11d7b23721ec07eadb5ddc5 shinhancard_20220218.rar
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ef5aa1dfbfc4c9128a971e006da0cb8b 새로 바뀐 COVID-19 시기 자가격리 정책.rar
e5865d8cee159ac02ee53ef52f4058ac 오피스 365 + 설치설명서 입니다.rar
882d4d6528404c3ceacee099f59bfab4 텅스텐 W 99.rar
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f96fa367261df9cc2b021318ce361ec6 취임식 관련 자료.rar
8d7141882a95be5dcfa8ce90d7079541 공고문(기술관리).rar
ff2ccc12007bbf3f5934a5dfdc8430ee 황선국-차예실의 요르단 이야기-34.rar
3c3fc3f47abf0ec7a3ab797b21b123e2 공고문.rar
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fa797b29229613f054378c8a32fcefbc 통일미래최고위과정_입학지원서.rar

CHM File Hashes:

MD5 hash Filename
914521cb6b4846b2c0e85588d5224ba2 (20220120)2022 – 001.chm
2ffcb634118aaa6154395374f0c66010 (양식) 제20대 대통령 취임식 재외동포 참석자 추천 명단(국민의힘당원 000).chm
24daf49d81008da00c961091cbfc8438 0-Introduction.chm
624567dae70fc684b2a80b5f0f1de46d 1.Brefing.chm
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a6b30fc17d6ff9aa84fb93c3f05a4171 2022-06-24-Document.chm
b4adb4fede9025f6dd85faac072a02e7 2022-Important.chm
b2d7c047dc1c7fb7074111128594c36e 2022.04.27.chm
edb87c2cabcc402173fa0153f4e8ae26 2022.chm
d020d573d28e3febb899446e3a65e025 20220315-112_Notice.chm
7058661c3f944f868e5a47c4440daa9b 20220510_115155.chm
d431c37057303e5609f0bffa83874402 20220623103203983_6_조사표_기업용.chm
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