SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc. | What is Dark Web Monitoring?


Jul 14, 2022
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What is Dark Web Monitoring?

As the most extensive worldwide system that stores information on everything (and almost everyone), the Internet comprises three distinct layers: the visible, the deep, and the dark web. Some layers contain significantly more information than others. 

The Internet is becoming more complicated, but it is also daunting. Given how little we know and how little control we have, it is fair to feel apprehensive, particularly when we encounter news and stories concerning the Dark Web. We automatically identify this menacing term with anything dangerous. 

The dark web is a collection of anonymously hosted websites accessible with anonymizing software, most notably “TOR” (The Onion Router). There are online markets for purchasing and selling illegal commodities on the dark web, including personal information that may be exploited for identity theft. 

What is Dark Web Monitoring? 

Dark web monitoring is the search for and surveillance of your company’s information on the dark web. Monitoringtools for the dark web are comparable to a search engine (like Google) for the dark web. 

These technologies assist in locating leaked or stolen information, such as compromised passwords, hacked credentials, intellectual property, and other sensitive data, which is being shared and sold on the dark web by bad actors. 

Dark web monitoring technologies identify risks on the dark web more effectively than identity theft monitoring tools or antimalware and antivirus software. The purpose of identity theft monitoring systems is to safeguard people, not corporations. 

Antimalware and antivirus applications seek to prevent the execution of dangerous code from the beginning, but they are of little use after the fact. Monitoring tools for the dark web assist organizations and people by looking for any private information on the dark web, including login passwords, trade secrets, and proprietary information. 

How Does Dark Web Monitoring Work? 

The surveillance of the dark web searches for your personally identifiable information on cybercriminal-frequented websites. The service employs scrapers and web crawlers to monitor sites, P2P networks, and chat rooms where stolen information is regularly traded on the dark web. If they make a finding, you will get an alert notifying you that your data has been hacked. 

Monitoring the dark web may maintain an eye on a range of internet sources, including: 

  • Blogs 
  • Web Pages 
  • Peer-to-peer sharing Network 
  • Forums 
  • Malware Samples 
  • Chat Rooms 
  • Social Media Feeds 
  • Web Services, servers, and File Transmissions 

Most monitoring services are combined with identity theft services beyond scanning the dark web. These services also include credit reports, public records, commercialdatabases, and bank accounts. You must determine which investment possibilities, if any, are worthwhile. 

Benefits of Dark Web Monitoring 

Many misconceptions and misleading assumptions are circulating regarding the purpose of dark surveillance. This is partly due to the mystery of the dark web and partly to a fundamental misunderstanding of the monitoring service’s function. 

Monitoring the dark web is vital for a business since it allows you to determine whether your company’s sensitive information is already available on the dark web. With a dark web monitoring tool, you hook your devices into the web data API to have a constant stream of data feeds. 

Every day, attempts are made to hack into an organization’s network. A monitoring tool for the dark web searches the dark web for stolen information.

You may never know whether your IP address, corporate email domains, employee login passwords, and customer data are already there. If the monitoring tool detects any information about your company, it may notify you of previous or ongoing assaults, allowing you to mitigate the harm. 

Monitoring provides information on prior attacks, the sort of data they took, and the affected systems. Monitoring data reveals to your security team the flaws in your system and how crooks exploited them. With this knowledge, you may design a more effective action plan to prevent future assaults. 

Examining the dark web provides insight into the sensitive data that are often posted on it. The knowledge may help you develop ways to secure better the information of your firm, workers, and customers. 

Dark web surveillance continues 24/7. If a data breach happens, the program promptly notifies you, allowing your IT security to take quick actions to avoid additional harm. 

Choose a dark web surveillance tool that incorporates artificial intelligence to monitor cybercriminals’ private networks, websites, forums, blogs, and chat rooms.