Major Cyber Attacks Witnessed Globally

SOCRadar, the early warning system for cyber incidents, closely monitors major cyber attacks witnessed globally. Below is a list of selected attacks.

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Company / Country Industry Details* Attack Vector Threat Group
MyRepublic / Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia Telecommunication/ISP Personal information data of 80K mobile subscribers are exposed Access through a third-party data storage platform Unknown
Yandex / Russia Technology Solutions and Search Engine Provider DDoS attacks with 21.8 million requests per second (world record so far) DDoS attack Mēris Botnet
Fortinet / USA Cybersecurity Solution Provider 500 Fortinet VPN credentials are leaked Ransomware Groove
Bangkok Airways / Thailand Airline 6TB data stolen by using credentials leaked from breached Accenture systems Ransomware LockBit 2.0

* Details given to these events might be claims by the threat actors.